Oroville King SalmonLake Oroville Fishing

Lake Oroville was filled in 1967. Lake Oroville Fishing was once known as a popular rainbow trout, as well as a popular brown trout fishery that anglers enjoyed for many years.

Lake Oroville was the only lake in the state where landlocked Coho were planted. Lake Oroville Coho salmon plants have been replaced by landlocked Chinook (King) Salmon. Today Oroville Salmon Fishing has become very popular. The Lake Oroville King Salmon are growing fast and Oroville  promises to become even a better fishery.

Over the years Oroville Salmon Fishing has become one of Caption Rick Kennedy, owner of Tight Lines Guide Services favorites. Lake Oroville King Salmon fishing has proven to be a success after only two years of planting. Fish over 20” have already been taken. Lake Oroville Fishing still offers the opportunity to catch Coho Salmon, King Salmon and not very often but an accessional Brown trout are there for the taking.

At Tight Lines Guide Service we pride ourself in using highest quality equipment from the boat to the lure. See our Sponsors and Affiliations Page for all the equipment and gear we use.

We provide all the top quality equipment and gear needed for your trip, we have bottled water onboard and we’ll clean and bag your catch.

Things to remember to bring: Ice Chest, Camera, Sunscreen, Food and Drinks, Layered Clothing and Valid California Fishing License. Here’s a link to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Online License Service.

Rates $175 per angler, 2 angler minimum


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